Extend your living area of your home

Screen Rooms usually are extended screen area’s outside the roof line of your home.

Adding screen rooms to your home is the least expensive, simplest form of a protected living space. It’s a great way to expand your usable living space at a minimum expense. Screen rooms can be added to existing patios and porch area’s or the can be added as a completely new living space for your home. These screen enclosures help separate you from the outdoors, keeping bugs or critters out and making it a very comfortable area outside your home for friends and family to enjoy.

Screen Room Enclosures

Why Should I Consider Adding a Screen Room Enclosure?

The benefits are many but here are a few reasons to consider a Florida Screen Room

Added Security

Creates a safer environment for children and pets and keeps out bugs and other critters

Expand Your Living Space

Adding a Screen Room enclosure adds curb appeal and value to your home not to mention more living space

Help's Keep Out The Weather

Enjoy the outdoors whether it’s hot and sunny or raining

Least Expensive Solution

Adding on a Screen Room to your home is an economical way to add more living space to your home